Beyond the Ten Prisons Project

Lucy Frazer QC MP

Minister of State for Prisons and Probation, Ministry of Justice


To rehabilitate prisoners and reduce reoffending, prisons must be safe and orderly. Violence has become a pressing issue across the prison estate, and this year assaults on prisoners and staff reached record highs. A year ago, the Government announced that £10 million would be invested in ten of our most challenged prisons to improve safety and security, with the findings informing how money is invested across the estate. The results are encouraging, showing that targeted investment in security, living conditions, and staff training can reduce assaults and drug flows. The question now is, how can the Government build upon these successes to push wider reform across the prison estates?

Reform is delighted to host this roundtable, led by Lucy Frazer QC MP, Minister of State for Prisons and Probation, Ministry of Justice to explore the success of then ten prisons project and identify tangible ways forward for the rest of the prison estate.

The roundtable will be held under the Chatham House Rule.

This event is supported by Serco Institute:

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